Who Are We?

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Benson Models

For over 20 years Benson Media in one shape or form has been working in the fetish industry within Asia, Europe and North America. We regularly shoot in London, Tokyo, Vancouver and Central Europe.

We are always looking for models. Experience is not vital but the right attitude, turning up on time, no bullshit, good appearance, outgoing and easy to get along with are essential..blah blah blah blah..I bored myself!

Recent Shoots

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London 2019

Cherry English explored her appetite for cute cosplay at Petgirls.com.

The location was in leafy Highgate, London. Luckily the snow stayed away for the day! The shoot was for Petgirls.com where Cherry met Benson media Official mascot doggy man!

model cherry english
Photo by S Benson
model mascot
Selfie by Cherry English
Filmed using Blackmagic and 16mm Arris Superspeeds and Gopro Protune. Medium format stills on Pentax 645D using SMC Pentax-A 35mm F3.5
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Tokyo 2018

Yuka-chan returns to shoot for Petgirls.com.

The location was in an AirBnB in Shibuya district models were Yuka chan, Darby Day (Katie Thornton). The shoot was for Petgirls.com and TigerrJuggs.com.

model yuka chan
Photo by T Benson
model katie Thornton
Photo by S Benson
Katie flew in from London and came straight onto set, no jet lag! What a professional.
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London 2018

Our first ever Icelandic model, the beautiful and enigmatic Tindra Frost.

The location was London, and we also shot the lovely Lola Rae.

model tindra frost
Photo by S Benson
model lola
Photo by S Benson
Who knew London could have a heatwave? But if you are interested in international travel, why not send us an email? We pay all travel and accommodation.
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London 2017

Shooting in London is always a challenge! The weather, the noise and shoot locations are always unpredictable. But British models are always fun and uniquely professional.

The location was in a hip hotel in the East of London and the models were Beth Bennett, Alexa Red, Cherry English and Holly Kiss. The shoot was for Petgirls.com a pet play fetish website.

model alex red
Photo by T Benson
model beth bennett
Photo by T Benson
Models photographed in Medium Format with a Pentax 645D 28mm f3.5, filmed using a Blackmagic Pocket Camera with Zeiss Superspeed 16mm Cine lenses on a PL mount.


Model Call

We are currently looking for models in the following categories:

  • Female Fetish Models (aged 18+)
  • MILF Models (aged 35 to 45)
  • Busty Female Models
  • Pregnant Models
  • Pre-Op Feminine Transexual Models
  • Cuckold Lifestylers
  • Female Models based in Japan
  • We are NOT seeking any males at this time
Now, if you are really interested in any of these opportunities, follow these three golden steps to the fetish model path of light; email us at models@bensonmodels.com with a current full length nude photo (cellphone pic wil do), state your age and location and include any links to work you have done online. That's it!


我々は手撮像モデルの非常に小さな数を表す。 あなたは私たちへの登録に興味があれば、自分の3つの完全な長さのヌード写真、あなたの現在の統計情報、場所、年齢を取り付ける、私たちはmodels@bensonmodels.comメールしてください。