Q: Who can model for you?
A: Females between the ages of 18 and 50 years.

Q: What fetish genres do you work in?
A: D/s (Domination and submission, both male and female), Pet-play (acting and behaving like animals), Watersports (solo, g/g, b/g peeing)

Q: How Much Money Can I Earn?
A: That depends on a variety of things such as age, experience, and what levels you are happy to work at. It's purely up to you! All cash is paid on the spot!

Q: Can I earn regular money?
A: Yes certainly. We're always happy to invite good models back again. Plus we actively refer good models to other producers.

Q: Where will I be working?
A: Depending upon which of our sites you are working for and in which time of the year the shoot takes place; our shoots generally take place in your town, either central Europe or 'on tour' in the USA, Canada and Japan.

Q: Will you pay my travel costs?
A: We do not pay local travel costs but we will pay all long distance expenses, including train tickets*,flights, accommodation, catering etc.

Q: Do I need to sign anything?
A: Yes. You will need to sign a USC 2257 compliant model release form giving us full publishing rights to the content produced and provide 2 forms of photographic ID (passport, drivers licence or similar) as evidence that you are at least 18 years old.

Q: Where will you publish the movies and photos?
A: We are the producers of several premium websites, and and standalone DVD titles. We create specialist niche fetish content which is very unlikely to appear in any of your relatives or friends search engine results. But, please note that once you have signed the model release form, all the produced content becomes our exclusive property and we reserve the right to publish the content as where we see fit.

Q: How long does a shoot take?
A: A test shoot will take a min of 2 hours, a full working day approx 6 hours.

Q: Can I bring a friend with me?
A: Unfortunately not. But, we can provide lots of good references from models we've worked with.

Q: Will I be touched by a man or a woman?
A: Possibly both. At Softcore level physical contact will be of a non-sexual in nature. At Hardcore level physical contact will be of a sexual in nature.

Q: Can I feel safe with you?
A: Absolutely! We are a team of young, friendly and highly professional individuals, experienced at what we do. The best interests of our models are of paramount importance to us! All shoots are discussed and scripted beforehand, so that everyone is clear and happy about what will be involved. Nobody will be forced into doing anything that they are not happy about and of course there are regular breaks throughout the shoot.

Q: I don't want to show my face. Is this a problem?
A: Yes this is a problem. Facial expressions and reactions are a vital element of our products. Therefore, if you are unwilling to show your face, then I'm afraid you cannot work for us.

Q: Do I have to appear fully nude?
A: Nudity does form an elementary part of our movies, but if you're not happy to appear fully nude, then that's ok, but your modelling fee will be reduced. Of course your boobs need to be fully bared.

Q: I am overweight - is this a problem?
A: This depends very much on the individual. Please send us some photos.

Q: Can I talk with other models?
A: Yes, our model talent co-ordinator Tigerr is actually a working model too - having appeared in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Hustler and various other adult productions all over the world. She has years of experience and can assist you with any further questions and, despite her name she doesn't bite!

Q: Are there any other requirements?
A: Just a couple. No extensive tattoos (small ones will be ok). No vaginal hair unless requested.

Q: What happens if I cannot carry on with the shoot?
A: You won't get paid. We make the effort to prime our equipment, lose valuable office time by opening a shoot slot for you, organise your travel and in most cases travel overseas to get to you. If you cannot deliver what you promise, if you effectively walk off set, this signifies the termination of the entire shoot and remaining (if any) shooting days.
This is why we always stress, particularly to models we haven't worked with before that you should make an effort to review the websites and DVD products you are working on. This is your professional responsibility.

Q: Do you need male models in any capacity?
A: Yes we do from time to time.

Q: I'm interested - how may I contact you?
A: Email us -


*Based on UK

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