Benson Media produces pedigree fetish sleaze for film and internet, established by 'Benson' the former fetish illustrator and writer for House of Gord and Marquis' range of 'BensonBooks'.


Benson media now offers professional translation from English to Japanese language for the adult industry.

The first Benson artwork exhibition was held in 2012 in Ginza, Tokyo.


Tiny girls, sticky out ears, climbing mountains, ramen, old men and young girls, Furla, Kumi, midgets (little people) Ducati Monster, suits, JAL, Brugse Zot, Gothic Lolita, Vancouver, DaiDaiYa Ginza, fake tits, trophy wives, Totoro, Jinro, octopus, skinny girls..


Fetish Divas, RyanAir, germs, new 'punk', warm sake, crappy internet, Brussels train station, religion, neighbours, litter, Dutch women, goth-girls-turned-models, hairy snatches, Gucci, Mont Blanc pens, Europe to North America/Asia jet lag, Italian mullets, bling-bling..


Benson is influenced by lots of different things but recently he's been watching a lot of Japanese horror and anime - 'Audition, 'The Grudge', 'Spirited Away' and obscure Korean stuff like 'Old Boy' and 'The Dollmaster'.

Classic influences are Kurosawa ( he just read his semi biography - very encouraging), Belle du Jour, Ichi the Killer, Tony Takitoni, Clockwork Orange, Man Bites Dog..and of course James Spaders' character in 'The Secretary.


Benson Media's website products have been showcased on PlayBoy's 'Sexcetera' TV programme, Bizarre Magazine, Hustler's 'Taboo' magazine and many other print publications.

Our first feature length DVD title 'Humandoll' produced in association with Select International won first prize for Best Fetish Movie at the Barcelona Adult Film Festival 2006.

Based in Amsterdam, Benson Media Productions shoot high quality fetish video and stills all over the world having recently returned from Tokyo, Japan for an interview with cult fetish magazine 'SMSniper'.preview_pic

We take immense pride in the fact that we always shoot unique, quirky imaginative content.

Our goal is always to offer the highest quality fetish dvd's right the way through from the dvd cover to shot footage - we do not compromise on the amount of care and attention we put into our depraved creations.

We believe our growing dvd selection is unique and refreshing in a market saturated with poor quality, poorly crafted, 'grab the buck' tissue fodder.

We are a young company, so of course we endure a crippling learning curve but we are always striving to improve.

All our products are created, designed and filmed in-house within the dark but carefully controlled shadows of a warped mind. This is to ensure our quality and branding remains consistent so when you buy a Benson product you'll know exactly what to expect!



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